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Eddie Gorm
ACCO Eddie Grom
Political information

Royal Navy (formerly)
Nazi Germany (undercover)

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Conspirations

Eddie Gorm was a British member of the Assassin Order who operated in Europe during World War II.


A disgraced and former member of the Navy turned docker, Eddie was recruited in September 1940 by the US operations to infiltrate the Atomic program of Nazi Germany. Reluctant to help the Americans at first, Eddie accepted after his widowed sister-in-law and her two children died during a German bombardment of London.

Two years later, and now a trusted defector and officer in the SS, the "Untersturmfurher" Gorm discovered that the atomic program of the Germans was in fact a front for the development of a Templar device, Die Glocke. However, Eddie blew his cover in the process and had to flee. He joined a group of Americans, who revealed themselves to be Assassins. Through them Eddie discovered he descended from a long line of Assassins himself, and decided to join the Brotherhood.

On 27 February 1943, he was parachuted in Vemork, a Norwegian hydroelectric plant. He aided in the infiltration of the plant to stop the Templars from finishing their secret weapon.

However, Eddie was captured and put into a very early prototype of the Animus, powered by an Apple of Eden. Because his grandson Maxime Gorm was reliving his memories through the Animus at the same time, there was a defect in synchronization and Eddie's consciousness was switched with Maxime's and he woke up in the 21th century.

Equipment and skillsEdit

Gorm was an able alpinist, as he managed to scale frozen cliffs with little difficulty.

In addition to the traditional dual hidden blades, Gorm carried a handgun and a Thompson submachine gun as his main weapons. He also kept three grenades on his back.


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