Earthly Belongings was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline met with the man she had previously freed.


Aveline approached the man near the docks.

  • Man: Mademoiselle (Miss), please. Mademoiselle (Miss)...
  • Aveline: What is the matter? Why are you still in the city? It is not safe!
  • Man: I know, but my family-- our only belongings- some clothes, and money I have been hiding- they are being kept from us. If I show you the place, can you help me retrieve them.
  • Aveline: Of course. Lead the way.

Aveline retrieved the man's belongings and returned to him.

  • Man: Thank you.
  • Aveline: Please, go now, through the Bayou. And have a safe journey.
  • Man: We will.


Aveline returned the man's possessions to him, allowing him peace of mind to return to his family.


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