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"How would it be if I leaned over and was to help myself to a mug of ale? That'd be stealing, wouldn't it? The barman might try to stop me, but what if I was doing it with impunity? What if my theft had the royal seal of approval? This is what we are talking about, Mr. Kenway. The opportunity to go out on the high seas and help yourself to as much gold and treasure as your captain's ship will carry. By doing so you will not only be working with the approval of Her Majesty Queen Anne but helping her. You've heard of Captain Christopher Newport, Francis Drake, Admiral Sir Henry Morgan, privateers all. How about adding the name Edward Kenway to that illustrious list?"
―Dylan Wallace to Edward Kenway, 1711.[src]

Dylan Wallace was a privateer-recruiter for the Royal Navy during the War of the Spanish Succession. In 1711, he met Edward Kenway in the George and Dragon tavern in Bristol. Offering the young man a beer, Dylan told him of privateering. He suggested that Edward become a privateer, having heard of his recent fights.

After Edward married Caroline Scott and found himself in economic hardship, he accepted Dylan's offer, and the recruiter assigned him to the crew of the Emperor.