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ACU Duc Barrois

Duc de Barrois at the hotel's living room

"The unscrupulous Duc de Barrois uses his influence to have his rivals executed. He then takes possession of their properties. He is celebrating his success by hosting a theatrical performance Hotel de Sully. Disrupt the performance and dramatic example of the duke."
―The Council during the French Revolution
A dramatic exit

When Duc de Barrois was removed, the Marais-district was liberated

Duc de Barrois was a French nobleman who lived during the French Revolution, and sent his enemies to the guillotine. He lived at the Hôtel de Sully, where he also died. He was murdered during the revolution by the French-Austrian Assassin Arno Dorian. He was either murdered in the gardens of the hotel, or in a corridor at the hotel.

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