AC4 Edward Dog

Edward Kenway petting a dog

Dogs are a domestic subspecies of wolves. They have been bred by humans across the world for a variety of roles, such as pets, guards or hunting companions.



A dog in Egypt

In ancient Croton, the philosopher Pythagoras asked a man to stop beating a dog, claiming he could hear the voice of an old friend in its cries. This amazed the crowd watching him, as it appeared to prove his belief in reincarnation. Later, he cast out his disciple Alcmaeon for torturing a dog.[1]

By Emperor Jiajing's rule over China in 1524, dogs were trained by the Imperial guards to detect intruders, though Assassins like Shao Jun were able to evade them, avoiding detection.[2]

Following his retirement, Edward Kenway took an Irish wolfhound as a pet, which he named Thatch, after his dead friend.[3]

Guards in the Thirteen Colonies used dogs to guard treasure chests, as well as sniff out enemies like the Assassin Connor. Even when using Wolf Cloak in an alternate reality, guard dogs were still capable of detecting him. To combat this, Ratonhnhaké:ton could lure them away by using bait and killing them.[4]

The de la Serre family kept an Irish wolfhound named Scratch in their estate in Paris. Both Julie and her daughter Élise were very fond of the pet.[5]

Dogs were trained to fight in contests against other dogs and for protection in London during the Victorian era.[6] The prime minister Benjamin Disraeli and his wife Mary Anne had a pet dog named Desmond, whom they keep in a handbag. The Assassin Jacob Frye had to retrieve him after some thugs stole Mary Anne's handbag in Devil's Acre.[7]


  • Despite not making a physical appearance, whenever the Hidden Gun was fired in Assassin's Creed II, a dog could be heard barking.
  • Guards in New York City would ignore their dogs barking at Connor if he was incognito and behaved in an inconspicuous manner.
  • Killing and skinning rabid dogs in Assassin's Creed III would give Connor similar items he would get when skinning a wolf.