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Ezio: "Yusuf thought highly of you, Assassin. And I find no reason to second guess this judgment. Do you have it in your heart to lead these men and women, to maintain the dignity of our order, as Yusuf did with such passion?"
Dogan: "It would be an honor."
―Ezio Auditore promoting Dogan to leader of the Turkish Assassins.[src]

Dogan was a Master Assassin and the leader of the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins, following the death of his predecessor, Yusuf Tazim.


Master AssassinEdit

Residing in Constantinople, Dogan served under the leadership of the Master Assassin Yusuf Tazim, and earned a place as one of Yusuf's trusted lieutenants.[1] Throughout his dutiful service, Yusuf came to view Dogan quite highly among his peers.[2]

On the defense 1

Dogan greeting Ezio Auditore

In the year 1511, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the Mentor of the Italian Assassins, journeyed to Constantinople. Dogan first met with Ezio when Yusuf brought the Mentor to visit the city's Assassin headquarters.[2]

Not long after, the Byzantine Templars in the city staged a two-pronged attack, targeting both the Assassin Den near to the Galata Tower and one in the vicinity of the Grand Bazaar. While Yusuf rushed to defend the den near to the Bazaar, Ezio joined with Dogan to rally the Assassins in the defense of the Galata den.[1]

After successfully doing so, Dogan remained at the den to treat the few Assassins that had been injured during the battle, while Ezio departed to aid Yusuf.[1]

Assassin leaderEdit

Exchange 3

Dogan being promoted to leader

Early in the year 1512, Yusuf was slain while defending Sofia Sartor – a romantic interest and friend of Ezio's – from Templar aggressors. Following these circumstances, Dogan and several members of the guild gathered at a cemetery nearby Galata Tower to bury and commemorate their fallen leader.[1]

When Ezio arrived at the cemetery, he lamented on the fact that they did not have the time to properly grieve for their lost friend, as the Templar leader, Ottoman Prince Ahmet, was moving against the Assassins' interests. With the knowledge that Yusuf had considered Dogan with a high regard of trust, Ezio declared Dogan to be Yusuf's replacement, and an honored Dogan ascended to the head of the Turkish Assassins.[2]

Under Ezio's direction, Dogan co-ordinated and participated in the Mentor's meeting with Ahmet, where the Italian Assassin traded the artifacts he had collected in exchange for the return of the kidnapped Sofia.[2]


  • Dogan is a Turkish name stemming from the word Doğan, meaning "hawk", "falcon", or "tercel", all of which relate to the theme of birds closely linked to the Assassin Order.


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