ACO Diovicos


Diovicos (died 48 BCE) was a Gallic gladiator along with his brother Viridovix during the mid-1st century BCE.


Fighting with brute strength and aggression, Diovicos wielded a set of chains during combat, and he and his brother were undefeated for a long time in the Krokodilopolis Arena in Faiyum, Egypt, and were fierce rivals of the gladiator Kensa.[1] While not in the arena, Diovicos and Viridovix would serve as mercenaries to the Nomarch of Faiyum and member of the Order of the Ancients, Berenike, also known as "the Crocodile".[2]

In 48 BCE, they were present when Berenike ordered the drowning of Shadya, a girl who had stolen a ledger naming members of the Order.[2] The Medjay Bayek, who was chasing the Crocodile, defeated the brothers in the arena with the help of Kensa. Bayek initially believed them to be the Crocodile, but before he could kill them, they told him that Berenike was the Crocodile and had been responsible for Shadya's murder. As Bayek left the arena, he motioned for the defeated brothers to be put to death.[3]



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