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ACA Didier Hawking

Didier Hawking.

Didier Hawking (unknown – 2015) was a high ranking Templar and brilliant user of the Animus technology, known for his memory-hacking skills. He was able to cut the search time twenty-fold while it normally took less proficient users months or even years to find useful information.[1]

In 2015, the Assassin Joseph claimed that he was pretending to collaborate with the Templars in order to lure Hawking into a trap. But in truth, he was leading Xavier Chen into a trap, in exchange for providing the Templars with the location of the oracle Dorothy Osborne's remains, as well as Charlotte de la Cruz, a newly recruited Assassin. Joseph had Didier punch out a few teeth to show the Assassins he was tortured by the Templars. However, Joseph then detonated the tooth, which was really an explosive, killing Didier and all other Templars present.[2]


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