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"Certainly we realized very early in production that Devils of the Caribbean would not be the ideal experience for everyone. But for those who want a fun, exciting, and lighthearted look at the Golden Age of Piracy, their ship has come to port."
―Helix Team Virtual Entertainment eXposition (VEX) Press Training document, 2014.[src]

Devils of the Caribbean is a 2014 feature film developed by Abstergo Entertainment. Like the video game Pirates of Nightmares, Devils was created mainly via use of footage sourced from an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst's sessions in the Animus, viewing the genetic memories of the pirate Edward Kenway.

However, as with Pirates of Nightmares and Abstergo Entertainment's previous game, Liberation, the final product was heavily censored and modified, omitting all traces of the Assassins or the mythical Observatory from Kenway's recovered memories.[1]

Upon release Devils fared poorly, being described as "a frightful mess of clichés, dime-store moralizing, and pandering stereotypes" according to Abstergo Entertainment's own Helix Team Virtual Entertainment eXposition Press Training document.[2]


  • The movie's title can be considered a reference to the Disney movie series "Pirates of the Caribbean".