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Desmond Miles…Dead or Alive?

By: Cameron Mothershead

Abstergo, 2012, takes Subject 17 into custody for his genetic memories as they contain vital information that leads to pieces of Eden. Desmond is forced to relieve memories of his ancestor Altaír, a master assassin in Masyaf during the 1200’s. Following the discovering of the apples location, he escapes to the assassins and relives Ezio Auditore and Connor Kenway's’ Memories. Whilst reliving these memories he has multiple encounters with members of the First Civilization mostly Juno who discreetly warns him of an eminent down of the earth that he would have to stop. Skip along to 12.21.2012, the doomsday... for Desmond at least. Touching the Eye, Desmond “dies” saving the world but freeing Juno in doing so. But did Desmond die? Let’s go over a few things. Juno was trapped and needed someone to physically touch the Eye in order to be freed. Now if one consciousness is freed, then what of the other, does Desmond’s consciousness fade away with his body, or does his consciousness get imprisoned as Juno’s did. Is Desmond still in the Temple? Is his consciousness in a comatose state? If so what will become of him when he awaken bodiless?

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