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Desmond was a dog belonging to Mary Anne Disraeli, the wife of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, in 1868. The dog was usually kept inside Mary Anne's handbag.

Sometime in 1868, while Mary Anne was touring Devil's Acre with the Assassin Jacob Frye, the handbag containing Desmond was stolen by a thug. Jacob had to use his Eagle Vision ability to retrieve the dog back to his owner. While touring the slums, Desmond would bark loudly whenever threats to his mistress were near.


  • The dog's name is a reference to Desmond Miles, the modern day protagonist of the original Assassin's Creed and its sequels.
    • This was something Shaun Hastings did not find amusing at all; in fact, Desmond's database entry is the shortest because of this, in brackets in the entry Rebecca Crane mentions a bottle of whisky had gone missing as well as her hearing Shaun seemingly crying in his locked bedroom.
  • Desmond appears to be a Welsh Corgi, which is in-keeping with Mary Anne's Welsh origins. Queen Elizabeth II is famous for keeping a number of them as pets.


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