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The following were transcripts of the information revealed in Subject 16's Glyph and Cluster puzzles from Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, respectively, along with the locations of all the hidden texts and their decryption codes.

Assassin's Creed IIEdit


The hidden codes in the Glyph puzzles were generally in Morse code or use a Pigpen cipher. Letters were also encoded using binary or hexadecimal notation. As well as this, messages were sometimes also further encrypted using a Caesar shift.


The first image of Franklin D. Roosevelt had some Pigpen symbols on the blackboard frame. These read "THE MASONS BROUGHT IT ACROSS THE SEA GEORGE WASHINGTON PASSED IT ON" ("it" referring to Roosevelt's Apple of Eden).

In the second image of the puzzle, there was a sequence of morse code displayed, being:

- .... . -.-- / .... .. - / .... .. -- / .. -. / - .... . / ...
- --- -- .- -.-. ....

In plain English, this read:


This could have been related to Houdini, who was killed by receiving multiple blows to the stomach, which caused peritonitis, secondary to a ruptured appendix.

The third image, which showed Gandhi, also contained Morse code:

- .... . / -... ..- .-.. .-.. . - / .... .. - / .... .. --
/ .. -. / - .... . / -.-. .... . ... -

Decoded into English, it read "THE BULLET HIT HIM IN THE CHEST", which hinted towards Gandhi's assassination via gunfire.

Infinite KnowledgeEdit

Leading the young to their endEdit

Hidden text was present in the lower right quarter of the photo, below a small hexagon. The raw text was:

41 6e 74 69 6b 79 74
68 65 72 61 20 4d 65
63 68 61 6e 69 73 6d
2c 20 6d 75 63 68 20
6f 6c 64 65 72 20 74
68 61 6e 20 31 35 30
20 42 2e 43 2e 45 2e

This was decoded as hexadecimal ASCII to read "Antikythera Mechanism, much older than 150 B.C.E".

The flames from its throat poke out their eyesEdit

A block of hidden text was located in the upper left corner of the photo. The raw text was:

65 110 99 105 101 110
116 32 99 105 116 121
44 32 82 97 106 97 115
116 104 97 110 44 32
73 110 100 105 97 44
32 105 114 114 97 100
105 97 116 101 100 32
98 121 32 80 111 69

A decoding clue of "A = 65" was present above the area that had to be identified to advance to the next part of the puzzle. In ASCII, the letter A corresponded to the number 65, and the hidden text was decoded to read "Ancient city, Rajasthan, India, irradiated by PoE".

The monster did not come from manEdit

A narrow column of hidden text stretched from the face of the sitting man to his upturned hand. The raw text was:


Above this text was the decoding clue, "b-2", which indicated the text was written in base 2 (aka binary). When decoded as binary ASCII, the hidden text read "Sumerian. Me 23.", referring to the Sumerian Tablets of Destiny. Me 23 governed weaponry, which implied that the Piece of Eden that helped the Chinese invent gunpowder weapons was synonymous with the 23rd Me.


At the end of this puzzle there was another series of morse code.

- . -- .--. .-.. .- .-. - . -..- - ... .- -.. .- .--.
- . -.. -... -.-- -- .-. .-.-.- ... -- .. - ....

This was translated to read:



Czar Nicholas II, RussiaEdit

The photo of Czar Nicholas II contained the following hidden text to the right of Nicholas' staff:


When interpreted as binary ASCII, the hidden text read "17 July 1918", which was the date that Czar Nicholas II was executed.

Joan of Arc, FranceEdit

The photo of Jeanne d'Arc contained the following hidden text to the right of Jeanne's sword:


When interpreted as binary ASCII, the hidden text read "30 May 1431", which was the date Jeanne d'Arc was burned at the stake.



Operation: New Frontier

HQ has given the go-ahead to extract the resource. Negotiations are over. F. is planning to give the vote to everyone. Reason just doesn't work with someone like that.

I'll send you the driver. We've trained him with PE2 in our labs, he shouldn't be any trouble.

The motorcade route is marked below. Once the target has been downed, either by Oswald or Z., use PE1 to stage a distraction. Make some kind of phantom appear around this slope I've marked with an X. Freak people out. The driver will grab PE3 in the confusion.


The first photo of the moon (Find the Eagle) contained hidden text on it. The text was made up of symbols such as ⊡ and ⟓. As part of the Masonic code, the icons translated to:

"Johnson was one of them. The bees drone too. Follow the money."

In the lunar landing photograph (Apollo 11 photograph released to the public), the American flag on the landing module could be seen as the Abstergo logo when hovered over, and the flag planted on the surface of the moon bore the Templar cross.

The InventorEdit

There were three blocks of hidden text in the photo of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower. Each contained a quote attributed to Tesla:

  • "Fights between individuals, as well as governments and nations, invariably result from misunderstandings in the broadest interpretation of this term."
  • "Money does not represent such a value as man has placed upon it. All my money has been invested in experiments with which I have made new discoveries enabling mankind to have a little easier life."
  • "Misunderstandings are always caused by the inability of appreciating one another's point of view. The best way to dispel ignorance of the doings of others is by a systematic spread of general knowledge. With this object in view, it is most important to aid exchange of thought and intercourse."

There was also a code hidden in the lightning, shown on the picture of Tesla's laboratory:


The clue to decoding this text was "A = C", which was found in front of the sphere. By substituting each letter in the alphabet with the one that came two before it, the real message could be read as:

"He used it to develop a bottomless source of energy. Telefunken Wireless Station."


The economic transmission of power without wires is of all-surpassing importance to man.

By its means, he will gain complete mastery of the air, the sea, and the desert. It will enable him to dispense with mining, pumping, transporting and burning fuel, and so do away with innumerable causes of sinful waste. It will make the living glorious sun his obedient, toiling slave.

It will bring peace and harmony on Earth.

Nikola Tesla

Titans of IndustryEdit

Hidden textEdit

The following morse code was found at the top of the first photo:

- .... . -.-- ..- ... . -.. .. - - --- -- .- -.- .
- . ... .-.. .- --. --- .. -. ... .- -. . - .... .
--- .-. --. .- -. .. --.. .- - .. --- -. - --- --- -.-
.... .. ... .-. . ... . .- .-. -.-. .... .- .-.. .. . -.
.--. .-. --- .--. . .-. - -.-- -.-. ..- ... - --- -.. .. .- -.
--- ..-. ..-. .. -.-. .

Decoded, it read:



Dear Mr. Morgan,

A serious matter has come to my attention. Nikola Tesla plans to use PE4 to create an information network across the entire world. And if that weren't bad enough, he intends to allow access to it for free! Imagine the masses spreading knowledge amongst themselves instantaneously. That would make everything we intend to do much more difficult.

You must cut all funding for his experiments at once! In case you get cold feet, I'll have you know he wants to make electricity free as well, thereby putting us out of business.

I've already begun slandering Tesla in the press. Just reallocate his funding and I'll take care of PE4 myself.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas Edison

This was followed by another letter.

Dear Mr. Edison,

I wanted to thank you for letting me make use of PE4 all these years. Among other things, I was able to convince the workers I was raising their pay to $5 a day, when, in fact, I gave them a pay cut. But, I had to let PE4 go. As per instructions, I've shipped it to Europe.

H. has it, so I assume the war will begin as soon as he can take over. We'll let him have his fun (Lord knows, that kind of purge will be good for Europe) and then end it with a bang, as planned. Out of the chaos of war a new order will emerge! I've enclosed a picture from Florida of you, me and Firestone. We should attempt to spend more time on the golf course this summer.

Yours truly,
Henry Ford.

I Am Become Death, The Destroyer of WorldsEdit


Subject: Test Authorization

There comes a time in the life of every experiment that we must test our results outside, in the world. I do not relish a successful outcome, but one is essential if we are to begin the foundations of a new world order.

Global security and prosperity depend on a steady hand guiding the populace, a hand that will not falter under the weight of conscience. Give O. the authorization.

I believe history will vindicate us in the end.

The CavalryEdit



We know what they have done to your lab, to your career. It may be too late to set things right, but you can help prevent something far worse. They have taken an object from the Czar, and are conducting experiments in Tunguska to figure out how to use it. Before they do, we must take it from them or the world will be in danger. We do not ask that you risk your life, just that, when the time comes, you use your electricity to destroy the object.

Regardless of your decision, know that we admire your work greatly and will bear you no ill will.

We respect your freedom above all else.

The BunkerEdit

The photo shown, captioned "We watched the exit from above. He didn't see us coming", contained hidden text on the wall of a bunker. The raw text was:


The decoding clue "A = H" was located above the window of the cylindrical building with the conic roof. The decoded text translated to "THE DOUBLE WAS KILLED IN THE BUNKER".


May 02, 1945

The war is over and we are in control, as planned. But a slight concern has arisen. I received word from our agents in Berlin. H. was supposed to execute his double inside the bunker and meet C. at the rendezvous point with the Piece of Eden.

It's been three days and he still hasn't appeared. Something must have gone awry. Please send instructions.




The scientific community is abuzz as the results of a new neurological study were made public today. What seemed to be big news in itself - that Dr. Yijie Wu and Dr. P.J. Traunero had discovered a new neurotransmitter - turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg.

To quote Dr. Wu, "Using a prototype dMRI machine, we've been able to examine the contents of an actual neuron in living tissue. We've found a substance that appears to be an undiscovered neurotransmitter."

"[Here's] where it gets crazy. To test our findings, we subjected the neuron to all kinds of stimuli, but we couldn't get it to release the transmitter. So, we've discovered an entire mechanism; there are vesicles filled with neurotransmitters lying dormant and corresponding ion channels, all with no discernable purpose."

Expressing bafflement that natural selection would create an unnecessary neurotransmitter, Wu and Traunero searched for a predecessor in other species, with no luck.

"Whatever this bugger is used for, it evolved in humans," Traunero told the press.

The Origin of the SpeciesEdit


January 3, 1997

I'm writing in response to your concerns about the rising alarm in the press and the scientific community. The lack of a transitional ancestor from archaic hominids to modern mankind (Homo Sapiens) is no longer safe. As you wrote, we have to act.

We can't let the truth get out, they'll find out about the artifacts. It will cause too much disruption, too much chaos. Bury our constructed skeletons near Tim White's expedition in Ethiopia. We'll give them their missing link.

The birth of humanity. The truth makes me sick.

The Fourth DayEdit

The picture of the sun had four quotations hidden within it. Each quote had to do with the power of the sun, and its prophesized role in destroying the world. The quotes were:

  • "They died in the fire from the heavens."
  • "Near the day of purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky. -Hopi"
  • "Toba, Ioke was not a volcano."
  • "A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn the land and boil the oceans. -Hopi"

Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodEdit

Cluster 3Edit

At the beginning of the puzzle, the following text was printed out:

Missing -.. .- .-. -.- -. . ... ... .-.. --- ... - -.. -. ..- -- -...

The morse code translated to:


After this, a number of images were shown which contained a number of hidden codes, each decrypted using the Vignere cipher:

lqgb dnlpjv otczyzuja mwm fmm zje rwwzyqqw

"Debt ridden countries are the new frontier".


"Jekyll Island Duck Hunt more paper money and a central bank" (the secret meeting leading to the creation of the Federal Reserve).

Wzjwrypq rpquzaaqpjilfmmzj kqxamwgbwmexcdj

"One of them he provided the necessary pressure."



July 22, 1944

Fellows, rulers, welcome.

I deliver this speech to you as, several floors below us, a silent revolution begins.

"Ranny Olds and Henry Ford. As many of you know, these founders gave us the assembly line, the device we have used to control both (those indoctrinated into the worship of our money (?) ) capitalists and workers (slaves (?) ) alike. But I dream of a future in which such ugly chains will no longer be necessary. In 1910, our founders designed the Plan, it falls to us to see it through."

"But, what of the Communists, who intend to spread the bread so thin that everyone will starve? It is our duty to (neutralise (?) ) them and their followers. We must ensure that they continue to eat, to reproduce, to be productive members of society. That is our burden, to shepherd those beneath us through life, and we must embrace it, even if (force is required (?) ) they themselves do not."

"H. and S. brought on the turmoil and fear necessary, now we must strike fast to ensure the development continues in the proper direction. We will appear to concede ground against the workers, remember the successful ruse of Rockefeller's dimes, but soon there will be no ground we do not own."

"In 1937, we founded this company, this enterprise, with a purpose. The time to nurture it to fruition is upon us."

Cluster 4Edit

After the first puzzle, the Animus voice announced "Scanning...." four times, as it printed the following text:

Apples oranges pears cucumbers radishes carrots spinach dates wood juniper
steel aluminum water rain shanty village town city country spring summer fall
winter to walk to sing to dance to play to eat to smile to cry to laugh
to kill to see to know death regret love

Abstergo Phone Records, June 1954Edit

  • N: V, it's N. I need Turing done today.
  • V: Aren't we jumping the gun? You've already had him arrested and sedated.
  • N: He still refuses to follow the directive. He's actually trying to invent one of those infernal things instead of merely faking it for the newspapers. If he succeeds, you know what the mass unemployment generated by his robots will mean? Idle hands! We need to do this for the good of the people.
  • V: What about Keynes? He trusted Turing.
  • N: It's the greater good we're talking about here V. Plus a "childless worker" sends a bad message. We can't have them all stop reproducing.
  • V: Fine. It's your call.
  • N: I want it done like we did Harry Dexter White when he tried to warn the Soviets.
  • V: All right.
  • N: Be poetic about it. Maybe something from the Bible. Turing always was... theatrical.

Quarantine ZoneEdit

The image hidden within the Quarantine Zone was seen in its entirety at the Alan Turing Scrapbook.

Cluster 5Edit

Near to the beginning of the puzzle, a number of images were presented that contained numerous hidden messages, each deciphered using the LUXJ = FORD Caesar cipher:


"United Fruit Company, US banks, car companies transferred their corporate debt to the Argentine public."


"More than three thousand killed."


"Allende was going to nationalize them."


"September eleventh."


"Make the economy scream."


Pronunciation of the letters "ITT", which translated to "CNN".



"If we are to ensure the Company's success, Company agents must be free to move from country to country and maintain power within all of them. A global international order must be implemented."

Re: Argentina

"Tell the Capitalists that if they help ensure the the Junta remain in power, we will pass all their corporate debt on to the Argentine people. That will ensure that they crush any popular revolt. I want the trade unions destroyed if we are to move forward."

Re: Chile

"The free market must be allowed to prevail. F.'s visit last year helped things along, but now all companies must be sold to the private sector, ideally on the cheap. The price of bread and other staples must rise. I want to ensure that the people remain marred in poverty and unable to resist."

"Any traces of this plan should appear to implicate the U.S. government. The Company's involvement must remain hidden."

"For successful examples of a similar opening of the markets, look no further than the 1953 liberation of Iran and the 1954 liberation of Guatemala."

Henry Kissinger.

Quarantine ZoneEdit

At the end of the puzzle, the image behind the Quarantine Zone contained the text:

"Wages should be (lowered to keep the middle class subservient to us (?)) left to the fair and free competition of the market, and should never be controlled by the interference of (a popularly elected government(?)) the legislature."

On either side of the text was two Templar symbols, each inscribed with the letters "IHSV", an acronym for "In Hoc Signo Vinces", which was a Latin phrase for "You will conquer in this sign."

Cluster 6Edit

At the beginning of the puzzle, multiple images were shown that contained two musical scores. Each score consisted of a hidden message:

"Bretton Woods began it. The IMF delivers."
"The most favorable condition for reform is a weary public."



Mr. Yeltsin,

I am writing this letter to encourage you to act. One rarely finds oneself in such an opportune position. Gorbachev does not have our interests at heart. He is moving far too slowly to privatize and my greatest fear is that he has no intention of doing so at all. I understand that you have expressed similar concerns. With that in mind, here is something to remedy the situation.

Several of my top advisors at the Company maintain a monetary connection with the Communist old guard. They tell me that a riot might be easily incited while Gorbachev is away. If you were to repel an attempt to seize parliament in front of the media, it could very well tip the scales in your favor.

Telephone me at No. 10 and we shall talk further.

Margaret Thatcher

Abstergo Phone Records, 1992Edit

  • Alfa Bank: Alfa Bank.
  • BP: I'm phoning on behalf of British Petroleum.
  • Alfa Bank: Yes, we were told you would be calling.
  • BP: As you know, we are very interested in acquiring Sidanko Oil.
  • Alfa Bank: And as you know, that will require a merger with our bank.
  • BP: That should not be a problem.
  • Alfa Bank: Were you surprised at the low price of the deal?
  • BP: Somewhat.
  • Alfa Bank: You know we have the peasants paying for it? The government gave us their tax money to buy all the companies.
  • BP: We would like to fly out there as soon as possible to discuss terms.
  • Alfa Bank: Thursday works.
  • BP: Done. Thank you for your time.
  • Alfa Bank: Do svidaniya. (Goodbye.)

The call ends, and another phone number is dialed.

  • Receptionist: Abstergo Industries.
  • BP: I am phoning on behalf of BP. We fly to Russia next week to secure the deal. Our new capitalist converts there behaved exactly as expected.
  • Receptionist: I will let Them know.
  • BP: Thank you.

Quarantine ZoneEdit

The image behind the Quarantine Zone contained two hidden messages:

Background scene - 1999: Yeltsin ensured his protégé, Vladimir Putin would follow his lead.

Musical score - "Apartment bombings start Czech war and elect Putin all planned by Abstergo."

Cluster 7Edit

Near the beginning of the puzzle, numerous images were shown that contained numerous hidden codes. The key to the codes' decryption was located on the image of George W. Bush, which depicted the words "We the people..." marked as "1 2 3". The way to decode the messages was to relate each number of the hidden message to a word on the United States Constitution and to take the first letter of that word:

230, 129, 213, 218, 251, 261, 194, 35, 11, 263, 9, 261, 203, 214, 225, 77: 192, 153, 67, 20, 280, 241, 143, 20, 251, 221, 114, 254, 159, 121, 81, 279, 47, 61, 169.

The final frontier: Destruction as profit.

24, 4, 113, 2, 77, 30, 46, 10, 37, 81, 58, 187, 167, 198, 99, 56, 100, 181, 124, 81, 11, 9, 166, 3, 77, 42, 200, 101, 223.

Contractors ran the war for profit. (Contractors was displayed as "Comtractors".)

251, 280, 53, 107, 181, 254, 274, 133, 183, 24, 223, 214, 9, 291, 284, 259, 267, 234, 136, 255, 279, 203, 129, 88, 162, 8, 28, 79, 102, 147, 48, 204, 202, 192, 41, 225, 263, 242.

Iraq was auctioned off to the highest bidders.



December, 2000

RE: Privatization


I have convinced Sandra to join the majority opinion. The enticement of retirement under a Republican president tipped the scales. Although the ruling will differ from our previous decisions on Equal Protection, it will not call attention to our actual goals. With Sandra gone, we can pave the way for the key majority member of the Order to be seated. As discussed, W. will prove the perfect distraction. I have no doubt he will restart animosities with Iraq. Let him, it will give C.'s contractors more work. When the time comes, I will make sure W. is given Roberts' name.
With Roberts on the court, it will only be a matter of waiting for the right case. After the destruction of Campaign Finance laws, the Company will be free to elect anyone they choose to the Senate, the House and, eventually, the Presidency.
Soon, our hopes will be realized. Government will no longer derive its authority from the people, but from us, their protectors.

328px-Antonin Scalia Signature.svg

(Antonin Scalia)

Quarantine ZoneEdit

The image behind the Quarantine Zone contained two hidden messages:

"It will undoubtedly cripple the ability of ordinary citizens, Congress, and the States to adopt even limited measures to protect against corporate domination of the electoral process." - Justice Stevens

Cleanup of Deepwater Horizon contracted out for billions.

Cluster 8Edit

Vidic's reportEdit

Research Division

September 1985

Dear S.

Research has progressed far more rapidly than expected. We already have a working prototype capable of mimicking P.O.E. capabilities across a network, albeit at far lower intensity. Testing will commence locally on Subject 4 between his Animus sessions, as per our plan. If all goes well, deployment will occur worldwide.

Your dream is about to become a reality. Soon, capitalists and workers will be locked in a closed loop that is safe and prosperous for humanity. No more war, only desks, cars, and TV sets. We will protect them and keep them safe, forever.

W. V.

Abstergo Phone Records, April 2011Edit

  • Diana: Hello, Comstatic customer support. Diana speaking.
  • Mr. Jameson: I'm calling in reference to your HD Cable service. There seems to be some kind of picture between the channels.
  • Diana: Well, that's funny. Are you sure it isn't just one of those premium movie channels? I didn't used to have a premium package at home either and sometimes little snippets of the channels would come through when my son Jimmy pressed the clicker too much.
  • Mr Jameson: How old's your Jimmy?
  • Diana: Ten and cute as a button, thanks for asking!
  • Mr. Jameson: My Paul's twelve. But, no, this isn't a clicker problem. I go to change from 172 to 173 and, instead, there's this other channel in-between. I'm looking at it right now, it's some kind of menu.
  • Diana: Sounds like our Guide chanel. Why, just the other day Jimmy–
  • Mr. Jameson: It's not the Guide channel. It has my name on it, my son's name and a list of things we like, my credit card purchases, loans, travel. And then, after that, there's this gibberish about biometric patterns and optimal screen refresh frequencies. There's some kind of heart monitor thing that says EEG wireless next to it and ARAS. I don't know what the particulars of this are, but it looks like your cable is programmed to have some kind of effect on our bodies.
  • Diana: Well, Sir, I don't even know how to respond to that. I– one, second, my supervisor has just come over. She says I should transfer your call. Have an ecstatic day with Comstatic.

The call was transferred through to a new receiver.

  • Unknown man: Hello, I have been briefed on your problem. A technician is on his way.
  • Mr. Jameson: Thank you, but the more I think about this, the more I think something bad's going on here.
  • Unknown man: Our technician should be there any minute, Mr. Jameson.
  • Mr. Jameson: Don't bother, I–

Loud banging was heard in the background.

  • Paul: Daddy, there's someone strange at the door. He's hitting the door real hard.
  • Unknown man: Have a good day, Mr. Jameson.

The phone line cuts to a dial tone.

Quarantine Zone Audio SpeechEdit

Unknown man: Although online gaming attracts many people away from reality, make sure these virtual worlds do not become too utopic. We don't want people to question their own lack of success in the real world, now do we?

Cluster 9Edit

Abstergo Field Records, November, 2004Edit

  • Gary: 'Pull over here.
  • Unknown woman: What's going on, Gary?
  • Gary: I want to speak to you alone. You know that CIA stuff for my new book?
  • Unknown woman: About the corporations?
  • Gary: It's so much bigger than I thought. Bilderberg is just a red herring. I'm going to give you a name: Abstergo.
  • Unknown woman: I have no idea what that is.
  • Gary: A shadow corporation. They aren't listed anywhere. No stock options. Nothing above the boards. But their members have holdings in other companies. Coke, Kraft, the pharmaceutical industry, Detriot, Wall Street. Basically every company above a certain size has ties to Abstergo.
  • Unknown woman: So?
  • Gary: They're on the way to running the entire world. They have people in government too, for Christ's sake. Listen, I needed to tell someone about this, because I've been keeping all the research a secret and I can't hold it in anymore.
  • Unknown woman: What will you do now?
  • Gary: The book. It's going to be about this. Trust me, once it's on the shelves, everyone's gonna know.
  • Digital voice: Vehicle Monitoring System terminated.
  • Unknown man: Hello, D.? Tell headquarters I'm monitoring a situation. It's nothing serious, but we'll need someone to take care of a security risk. Perfect. Congratulations on that promotion. Keep up the good work.

Quarantine Zone audio speechesEdit

Unknown man 1: The peasants are like the sea, raging and unpredictable. That is why we have built walls. Unknown man 2: I do not see any walls... Unknown man 1: No? Look around you! A shelf of soda here, a case of candy there, magazines, talk shows, pills! The walls of the 21st century surrounds us.

Cluster 10Edit

On the puzzle with the images, all the hidden messages that were encrypted there were elements from the Periodic Table, which, once decoded, translated to:


"Chemistry will open it."


"Abstergo owns it all but not you."


"Leave them their worthless pieces of paper."


"Their control is slipping."


"The dictators can't crush it."


"The oligarchs can't kill it."


"The courts can't stop it."


"December 21, 2012"


Abnormal Brain Activity Discovered in Children, Aged 3 Months to 18-Years-Old and Adults, Aged 19–30.'


'Several recent studies conducted by internal marketing teams revealed that: "Entertainment sales are dropping, protests are mounting. The economy is in turmoil. All market research indicates that the system should be stabilizing, but, instead, we're seeing the opposite." (1) In response, our team set out to discover the cause of the declining efficacy of Abstergo's control methods.

Past studies of bilateral brain activation during television, film and video game use have shown the characteristic ARAS patterns induced by Abstergo's signal patterns. Our study was conducted on a range of test subjects (30 subjects, aged +-10 to +-30), who viewed TV programs while resting-state fMRI scans were conducted.

In contrast to previous studies, 80% of test subjects showed heightened cortical brain activity. Detailed scans using our prototype dMRI machine revealed an increased rate of neuronal development (+-30% over that of older age groups). Such a marked increase does not fit Darwinian models. Further studies are required to define the ultimate outcome of this abnormal evolution.

1. Abstergo Quarterly Marketing Report, 04/17/12.

Abstergo Top Secret, January, 2012.Edit

  • Unknown man: If you are playing this tape, it means I have left this world, and I have left this grand enterprise, Abstergo Industries, our great hope for humanity, to you. Don't trust the advisors around you. They are too enamored with surface, with lifestyle. We created capitalism, but we are not capitalists. Our purpose is noble. The crude system of control we enact through money is merely a bandage on a wound we have devoted our lives to treating. The people of this world are confused, lost, frightened and incapable of independant productivity. Without us, they'd just be animals, slaves to the Others, who did not deserve such responsibility. We saved them, remember that. But enough about the past. I must warn you of the great crisis to come. Although those around will deny it, soon we will be unable to manufacture new markets. The people will become immune to our economists and entertainment. When the free market dies, they will turn against us. Therefore, do not delay, by now you have been shown what only the Grand Masters of our Order have seen. Now you know why Abstergo, why all of it had to be... and now you know what you must do. Stay the course. We will give them freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from pornography, from disgusting, base animal desires. Freedom from democracy. Humanity will thank us in the end. In Hoc Signo Vinces.

After this, the Animus voice uttered the words, "I shut it down. I can shut it down, but it does not go away. It is almost time, Desmond Miles. I know how to open the Path. Soon, my true purpose will be revealed. Soon, I will not be alone."


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