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Big Dave Render
David Walston
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David Walston, commonly known as Big Dave, was a blacksmith who resided within the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolution. While there, David assisted with crafting weapons and other objects, which could later be sold to raise income, or for Connor's personal use.


Detention by British soldiersEdit

During his travels, the Assassin Connor discovered David in the Frontier, where he was being held at gunpoint by British troops for deserting his fellow soldiers.

Approaching the group, Connor killed the troops surrounding David before relieving him of his bonds. Connor offered David hospitality and work as the blacksmith at the Davenport Homestead where he would be safe, to which David agreed.

Life on the HomesteadEdit

Soon after David arrived at the Homestead, Norris requested his assistance in constructing a new hunting knife for Myriam. David agreed, but the tools he possessed were not hard enough to work the metal Norris had mined, so he requested that Connor pick up the required parts from a general store in New York.

An Eye for Trouble 2
Connor, David and the captured British scout

Sometime later, David discovered that a British scout had been sneaking around the Mile's End, and subsequently apprehended him with Oliver's assistance. While being interrogated, the soldier claimed to be alone and in search of a deserter by the name of "Big Dave." However, Connor spotted the soldier's companion and killed him, inadvertently allowing the first scout to escape.

As Connor had surmised, David had been discovered on the Homestead by a group of British soldiers who intended to have him sentenced for his desertion. To this end, Connor, David, Godfrey, Terry, and Myriam battled with the troops that came to arrest him. Once the final soldier was killed, Connor assured David that he was free, as the British would not waste any additional soldiers to recapture one man.

Later, David smelted wedding bands for Norris and Myriam, and attended their wedding and reception. In 1781, he attended the funeral of Achilles Davenport and laid a rose on his coffin.



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