David Golden was a British citizen living and working in London in the mid-nineteenth century.


Golden lived in a small apartment complex in the Strand, where he had good relationships with his upstairs neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Bloomfield, as well as the owner and caretaker of the building, Mr. Henman. Being a professional musician, the First Violin of the Aldwych Chamber Orchestra, Golden spent much of his time rehearsing, which he was allowed to do in the Bloomfields' apartment, where the lighting was better.

In 1868, however, his other neighbor, Byron Cashan, a highly respected music critic, published several scathing reviews about the Aldwych Chamber Orchestra, as well as Golden personally, which led to the downfall of the Orchestra. After the organization had disbanded due to a lack of funds, Golden fashioned a poisonous candle with chemicals found in the basement.

He then cut the gas lines, handing the candles out to all his neighbors and ensuring that Cashan got the poisoned candle. The following morning, Byron Cashan was found dead in his room, and his demise was investigated by the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye.

Golden was quickly accused of the murder, and confronted with the evidence, he confessed to his crime, claiming that Cashan had deserved what he got for ruining the careers and lives of so many musicians. Immediately after his confession, Golden was taken in by the Metropolitan Police Service.