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David Collins (born 2003) is a young Afro-American teenager, the younger brother of Grace Collins, and a descendant of Abraham.

In 2016, he was part of a group of teenagers who through the use of an Animus discovered clues leading to one of the Pieces of Eden, the Trident, attracting the attention of both the Assassin Brotherhood and Templar Order.


Monroe's Animus

Along with his sister, David was recruited by Monroe to go into a shared simulation along with other teens. He relived the memories of the slave Abraham. During the simulation, David experienced racism and his anscestor being beaten to death. After the Animus experience, David, along with all but two of the other teens, was captured by the Templars.

Templar Abduction

The Templars relocated David and the others to an abstergo facility where they met the Templar Isaiah. He, along with the others, agreed to work with the Templars.