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Datura Bomb
A typical datura bomb
EzioLoverAdded by EzioLover
Ezio: "What about these poison bombs? How lethal are they?"
Piri: "Quite lethal, dostum (my friend). We distill our poison from the datura plant. A pretty little flower with a deadly secret. This one kills... slowly but surely. Be very careful, for your sake and for others'."
―Piri Reis to Ezio, about datura bombs.[src]

Datura bombs were one of the many bombs that could be crafted by Ezio Auditore da Firenze during his time in Constantinople.

Using a casing filled with gunpowder and datura powder, the bomb would disperse toxic gas upon exploding, poisoning any nearby guards or civilians.


Datura bombs contained a powerful poison, distilled from the datura plant, which could kill anyone who inhaled it in large enough quantities.

The bomb used the explosive force of the blast to disperse the poison cloud around intended targets, however the bombs could be dangerous to any nearby civilians or even the user themself, so care had to be taken.


  • Almogavars had a special weakness to datura bombs.
  • An achievement named "Mosh Pit" could be unlocked by poisoning ten or more guards with one datura bomb.



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