Datura Bomb

A typical datura bomb

Ezio: "What about these poison bombs? How lethal are they?"
Piri: "Quite lethal, dostum (my friend). We distill our poison from the datura plant. A pretty little flower with a deadly secret. This one kills... slowly but surely. Be very careful, for your sake and for others'."
―Piri Reis to Ezio, about datura bombs.[src]

Datura bombs were a lethal explosive which could be crafted by the Ottoman Assassins and Ezio Auditore da Firenze during his time in Constantinople. Through the use of a casing filled with gunpowder and datura powder, the bomb would disperse toxic gas upon exploding, poisoning any nearby guards or civilians; as it was quite dangerous, care had to be taken for the latter instance.


  • Almogavars units were known to possess a weakness to datura bombs.
  • Coward Templar Den Captains are immune to Datura Powder bombs during their sprint to the den door.
  • An achievement named "Mosh Pit" could be unlocked by poisoning ten or more guards with one datura bomb.