Hello. We haven't met, but you can call me Shaun.

I just thought I'd say... it seems Abstergo has put together rather a lovely historical database that you can peruse as you're running around.

Unfortunately for you, their historian gave things a bit of a... well, let's just say they have a particular *viewpoint* they're keen to get across.

By which I mean they're Templars and they think like Templars, and they lie about people who aren't Templars.

So I'm just going to go through and add in some explanatory footnotes as I go to give you a bit more of a balanced perspective.

Well, I'll try for balance. I'll aim for it. Balance is certainly something worth striving for. Or at least thinking about. Or maybe I'll just mention it here and there and you can be your own judge.

Also - and far be it from me to criticize, because they've given it quite some effort - but the way they write this history is dry as a freeze-dried, dry-cleaned dry thing with a particularly chronic case of dry mouth. Which has been left out in the sun and then popped in the oven.

So let me at least attempt to make it that smidgen more readable.

Although that's the last time I'll ever us the word 'smidgen'.