ACCC DB Wang Yangming

Wang Yangming was a Chinese philosopher, official and general, also secretly a Master Assassin. He was famous as a Neo-Confucian thinker despite his secret life.

He rose to become an important minister of the Empire and always worked for the Assassin's cause, until he was confronted by Liu Jin, a corrupted eunuch of the Forbidden City who had the Emperor's favor, and was shunned from the capital.

Years later, after Liu Jin's disgrace and execution, Wang Yangming became governor and earned renown thanks to his military exploits.

He was back in court when Emperor Zhengdesic died, and witnessed the takeover of the Templars. He was responsible for enlisting Shao Jun in the Assassin Order, after she revealed that she had discovered his secret identity. After helping her and other allies escape fom the purge led by the Tigers, he trained her until she reached the level of Initiate.