REBECCAC84: One of those strange glyphs Shaun mentioned is on this landmark. You should go find it!

Constructed in 1290, the Villa Auditore is an important medieval predecessor to early Renaissance architecture. The Villa’s wonderful symmetry and ordered geometry were a revelation for its time.

Not only concerned with aesthetics, Domenico Auditore, Ezio Auditore’s great-grandfather, designed his home to double as a fortress and training ground, looking out both the city that it protects and the Tuscan plains.

After a Florentine attack in 1320 left the façade damaged, the present façade was erected and a painting gallery was added to the interior.

Domenico was more than just an architect and warrior; he was also a skilled engineer. Recently discovered hidden compartments and rooms with mechanisms blocking entry are several unique features of the building that make it a technological marvel as well as an architectural one.

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