ACi-Unexpected Dissolution

The following is an excerpt from a series of log entries from an Assassin lab in Protvino, outside of Moscow:

Mother long since abandoned her journal, but I've been transcribing it into our digital records. It fills the time and distracts me from the tragedy staring me in the face.

The Russian Government has made the sudden announcement that they are dissolving the Russian Academy of Sciences and replacing it with a new "public-governmental" organization with the same name. All facilities and other property of the RAS will be taken under government control. I smell a Templar plot, but who is left to fight it?

The Assassins who laughed at us and our machine, they're all gone now. We only survived because we never left the compound. Mother's Animus experiments were a disaster. Half of our facility was sealed off to contain its victims. We could hear them, always, screaming and clawing at the walls. How are they still alive? What did they eat? Each other?

Mother decided that she would only test it on herself. During a session in late December, there was a sudden power surge, and it was as though the machine came to life. Mother says she saw a vision of Eve, and took it as a sign to redouble her efforts. One by one, she forces the last of us into her machine in her desperate quest to save us and our cause.

And now, suddenly, the madmen have changed. They are no less insane, but now have massed near Mother's lab, as if they're waiting for something. My sister and I may be the only two sane people left in the building. Mother says it's my turn to go into the machine.

I have told Galina about Mother's journal and the Assassin at the bridge. Every full moon, she will find a way to be there. I hope someone is still watching.