ACS DB Trafalgar Square

Formerly the site of the monarchy's stables and carriage house, Trafalgar Square was designed by the architect John Nash as an open space for the public. The square was improved upon over the course of the nineteenth century, with fountains and statues giving the originally modest square some embellishment.

The whole of Trafalgar Square is a monument to one of the most storied and legendary conflicts in British history, the Battle of Trafalgar, where the British Navy, led by Admiral Horatio Nelson, defended the nation from Napoleon Bonaparte's naval advances in 1805. We beat the French. Admiral Nelson was mortally wounded during the conflict and died three hours later. But that's fine, because he won. He beat the French. We beat the French.

Defeat in battle was not enough permanently drive Napoleon away from England, however; instead he turned his focus to weaker enemy nations, and his victories over them allowed his empire to grow.

Still beat 'em. Granted, I had a baguette yesterday, so maybe it's time to move on.

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