ACU De Carneillon Render

Born in 1276 in the Republic of Metz, Thomas de Carneillon was a wealthy banker and economic rival of the Knights Templar. He contributed a sizable force, probably of Flemish mercenaries, to Philip IV's arrest and imprisonment of the Templars on October 13, 1307. With his chief rival out of the way, Thomas and his cabal of supporters - including such luminaries as Dante Alighieri, Marco Polo, and Domenico Auditore - spread their influence across Europe, toppling monarchs and bishops alike as they saw fit. He died of an illness in Venice, sometime around the spring of 1323.*
* Oh dear. Real history time: Thomas de Carneillon was Mentor of the French Brotherhood in the late 13th through early 14th centuries. He was one of the key participants in the downfall of the original Templar Order, back when they conveniently wore enormous red targets on their chest. Those "Flemish mercenaries" were us, by the way, but I'm guessing you already saw that when you "experienced Helix" or whatever focus-group-tested audience-approved marketing speak they're using these days.

After Jacques de Molay and his cronies were rounded up, Thomas and his Assassin brothers and sisters spent a decade crisscrossing Europe.

On a sidenote, I spent a month crisscrossing Europe after university and I'll tell you what: it bloody felt like a decade. At least those guys spent their time rooting out Templar influence wherever they found it. I spent mine chasing a Spanish girl called Catalina who I thought had stolen my heart but in fact had stolen my wallet.

Anyway, did you enjoy the Renaissance? You can thank Thomas de Carneillon and his associates for paving the way for it.