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ACS DB Unfortunates

During the Victorian era, being a prostitute was a sordid and dangerous undertaking, which only the most destitute of women turned to for survival.

They walked the worst-lit streets in London at night, often alone, in places where the police would never venture unless they were 3 to 4-men strong.

Between 31st August and 9th November 1888, the brutal murders of five prostitutes were attributed to the one killer -- Jack the Ripper.

Rapidly, gangs and procurers took advantage of the Ripper's Terror... The Unfortunates had no choice but to ply their trade, under duress, and give up their hard-earned coin in exchange for "protection". Now, they had not only the Ripper to fear, but their new "employers" as well.

It was high-time someone stood up for the prostitutes, and helped them retake control of their lives.

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