New York City//USA//1884-06-06

ACI The Short

Following a harrowing and arduous journey from Europe that cost him almost everything, Nikola Tesla arrived in New York City. He was introduced to Thomas Edison, who was secretly a member of the Templar Order. Tesla thought the meeting was good fortune, and began working for Edison almost immediately, improving designs and showcasing his innovative abilities and ideas. Their relationship declined rapidly, however, and Tesla soon quit the company and started up on his own.

The Templars observed Tesla for years and suspected a Piece of Eden was somehow involved in his genius. Sometime in the years that followed, after much public slandering, they sacked his laboratory, stole his designs, as well as his Apple of Eden, which put a stop to his plans to provide free electricity to the masses and the creation of a free global information network.

Tesla's Apple was passed on to the Templar Henry Ford.