ACS DB The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is Abstergo's latest insane endeavor to conquer human freedom, this time with the aim to sequence the triple-helix genome of the First Civilization and use it to explore Precursor genetic memories and reverse-engineer Pieces of Eden.

How I long for the simpler days when all they wanted to do was create satellites to control people's minds!

In late 2013, Abstergo discovered a large quantity of Precursor DNA in the body of one of its employees, John Standish. It turns out Mr. Standish was a Sage, a Precursor consciousness reborn inside a human body, giving it a much higher concentration of First Civilization DNA. Abstergo wasted no time in searching for other examples of these Sages and hunting for other relics in the hopes of obtaining more samples.

We've spent the last few years trying to prevent them doing just that. Last October I helped Gavin's cell of Assassins locate and destroy a secret Templar laboratory dedicated to the Phoenix Project. I was very heroic if I do say so myself, and I did not scream like a baby, despite what some people might tell you.

Still, Abstergo had a head start and nearly unlimited resources. We have to do more with less and hope they don't progress too far, or we'll be in more trouble than usual.

And just to say it one more time: I did not scream like a baby.