ACS DB Mary Jane Kelly

The body of Mary Jane Kelly was found at 10:45 AM on 9 November 1888 at 13 Miller's Court, off Dorset Street in Whitechapel.
She was approximately 25 years old at the time of her death.

Inspector Abberline was on the scene when the door was forced open and the police filed into the room.
A sight of unimaginable horror met their eyes.
The wall behind the bed was spattered with blood. On the bedside table was a pile of raw human flesh. And there on the bed itself, barely recognizable as human, was the almost skinned body of Mary Kelly.
Mary Kelly was the only one of Jack the Ripper's victims to be photographed at the scene of the crime. Indeed, at first glance, when you see that photo, it is difficult to believe that you are looking at the body of a human being so horrifically gruesome were the injuries that Mary Kelly sustained.
There was no evidence that Mary Kelly was wearing any jewelry or rings at the time of the murder.
The murder of Mary Kelly seemed specifically designed to unnerve and subsequently reel Evie into her final confrontation with 'Jack the Ripper'. Mary Kelly was the only victim murdered by Jack after he had eliminated Jacob as a threat to his 'grand work' (as his letters so often referred to his butchery). She was also significantly younger than the other victims, and the paroxysm of violence met out on her corpse rang of provocation - especially in light of the message that Evie discovered on the scene: "My gift to you, Miss Frye, and more to come unless you do as Jack says..."

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