ACS DB Mary Ann Nichols

"The body of Mary Ann ""Polly"" Nichols was found at 3:40 am in a gateway in Buck's Row, Whitechapel, on Friday 31 August 1888.
Polly is generally believed to have been the first of Jack the Ripper's victims.
The woman's throat had been slashed so savagely that her head had almost been cut from her body.
The cuts must have been caused by a long-bladed knife, moderately sharp, and used with great violence. No blood was found on the breast, either of the body or the clothes.
There were no injuries about the body until just about the lower part of the abdomen.
There were several incisions running across the abdomen.
The injuries were made from left to right and might have been done by a left-handed person. All the injuries had been caused by the same instrument.
Her fingers bore the marks of rings, which were presumed lost or stolen.
Mary Ann ""Polly"" Nichols was buried on Thursday, 6 September 1888, but for all we know, the woman who lies in the grave may be the Assassin who replaced her... Perhaps Jacob give the real Polly enough money to have lived out her life elsewhere, and in peace..."

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