ACS DB Elizabeth Stride

The body of Elizabeth Stride was found at 1am on 30 September 1888 in Dutfield's Yard, off Berner Street (now Henriques Street) in Whitechapel just an hour before the Ripper's fourth victim was discovered.
The fact that her throat had been cut, but the rest of her body had not been touched, led to speculation that her killer had been interrupted.

The deceased had a silk handkerchief round her neck, and it appeared to be slightly torn. The throat was deeply gashed and there was an abrasion of the skin.
There was a clear-cut incision on the neck. The cut was very clean and deviated a little downwards. The arteries and other vessels contained in the sheath were all cut through.
Her fingers bore the marks of several rings, which were presumed lost or stolen.
From here on in, the Ripper is public enemy number one, and Home Office begins to consider offering awards for his capture and arrest.

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