ACS DB Catherine Eddowes

At approximately 1:45 PM on 30 September 1888: Catherine Eddowes' lifeless body was found in Mitre Square. She was the Ripper's third 'canonical' victim, and the second victim in what is sometimes called the "double-event", the reference comes from the "Saucy Jacky" Postcard, which was received on October 1st, 1888 at the Central News Agency.
The attack on Catherine Eddowes had been brutal in the extreme - as if the Ripper was frustrated by the interruption of his 'work' on Lizzie Stride...
Eddowes throat had been cut, she had been ripped open and her intestines had been pulled out and laid over her shoulder. The killer had cut deep V shapes into her cheeks and eyes. The tip of her nose had been sliced off and her ear loves had been nicked through with the blade. In addition the killer had made off with her left kidney and her uterus whilst a portion of her apron was also missing.
On October 16th George Lusk, the president of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, received a three-inch-square cardboard box in his mail. Inside was half a human kidney preserved in wine, along with the now infamous Ripper Letter that begins, 'From Hell'.
Her fingers bore the marks of several rings, which were presumed lost or stolen.
The clues which Evie discovered on the murder scene weeks after the crime were placed their by Jack to bait her, and his message clearly condemned Jacob for sending his female initiates to the slaughter...

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