Concept Art - Ah Tabai - Front

Named for the Mayan god of hunting, Ah Tabai was the Mentor of the West Indies Brotherhood, as was his father Bahlam before him. Not much is known about Ah Tabai's early life, except for the fact that he lost a son.

As Mentor, Ah Tabai worked hard to open his Brotherhood to all people with good intentions as well as remain in contact with other Brotherhoods across the globe.

When the first rumors about the appearance of a new Sage began to emerge in 1713, he asked for help in keeping the First Civilization sanctuary safe from the Templars.

At the beginning of 1715, a British Assassin named Duncan Walpole arrived in Tulum, and asked to train under Ah Tabai, despite already possessing the rank of Master Assassin. When the Mentor received word that the Templars had captured the Sage, he sent Walpole to retrieve him, not knowing that Walpole was planning to betray him and the Brotherhood.