The Battle of Hattin, known as The Horns after the twin peaks of a nearby volcano, was a clash between the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, led by Guy De Lusignan, and that of the Saracen Army, under the leadship of Salah al-Din. Marching to the relief of Raynald's fortress of Tiberias, Guy made a critical error and attempted to force his way through Salah al-Din's army, abandoning his only source of fresh water. Unable to advance or retreat, and parched from thirst, the Crusaders were forced to camp in the middle of the baking plain, and awoke to find themselves ringed in fires set by the Saracens and under a constant stream of arrows. Every attempt to break out failed, and the Crusaders were driven up into the Horns of Hattin and crushed by the forces of Salah al-Din.

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