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ACU Crimson Rose

The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Crimson Rose are fictional figures that take the spirit of various genuine historical characters: aristocrats who attempted to subvert the goals of revolutionary France.*
* It's just as well they're fictional, because imagine you were real and you had a nickname like that? "Oh thank goodness, 'the Scarlet Pimpernel' is here...". It would be impossible not to think people were being sarcastic.
One of these is William Wickham, born in 1761 in Yorkshire, England. Wickham, a Lieutenant-General in the army of His Majesty King George III, organized a spy network based in Switzerland and France to coordinate with French Royalists and combat the Great Terror. After Thermidor, he returned to England and died peacefully in 1840. **
** Thermidor was a revolt. It's not to be confused with Lobster Thermidor. Just in case you thought that after a lovely thermidor, Wickham returned to England and died peacefully of seafood poisoning.

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