Bristol//United Kingdom//1934


After years as a member of many Hermetic Orders, including the Golden Dawn and successor group Stella Matuntina, the occultist writer Israel Regardie became disillusioned with the direction the organizations had taken and decided to distance himself from them.

Despite the distance from his former circles, Regardie's beliefs remained strong and continued to guide his path through life. He eventually grew fearful that the internal politics disintegrating splinter groups would consume the Hermetic teachings he held dearly. In an attempt to preserve them and ensure their survival, he acquired the majority of the Stella Matuntina's documents after they had disbanded.

Regardie compiled the documents and published a book titled The Golden Dawn. The work revealed the most intimate inner workings of Hermetic Tradition to the public, and although he was branded an oath breaker by many of his peers at the time, its publication inspired an entirely new branch of Western Hermeticism and ensured the ongoing survival of modern occult organizations.

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