ACS DB St. Mary Matfelon

The original white chapel that gave the borough its name was built on this site in 1286. It would be rebuilt three times over the course of its history: the first was in 1329, when it was officially named St. Mary Matfelon; it was then rebuilt in 1685, despite the fact that it was one of only a few buildings to survive the Great Fire of 1666; and it was rebuilt again in 1875, in order to more closely resemble the church as it was in 1329. Talk about indecisive.

The man who executed King Charles I at the end of the English Civil War, Richard Brandon, was buried in St. Mary's churchyard. Historical records document a scandal that took place in the church around 1710. I know! A scandal in a church! Whatever next! Anyway, it seems like the rector of the church set up an altarpiece depicting the Last Supper, and had the figure of Judas made to look exactly like a personal enemy of his, the Dean of Peterborough. As far as passive aggression goes, I'd say that's pretty aggressive. It's also bloody brilliant.

St. Mary Matfelon was hit hard during the Blitz of WWII and was eventually demolished in 1952.

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