AC4DB - Upton Travers

Born: 1688
Died: Unknown

Upton Travers was born in England, in 1688, two years ahead of his brother, Vance Travers. Together, they traveled to the West Indies in search of their fortune, which they established in the form of a smuggling business, which they used to fund their growing involvement with the Assassin brotherhood.

Although Vance was the more charismatic of the two Assassin brothers, Upton made up for it with his measured, sensible responses to life's challenges.

However, every man has a breaking point, and Upton found his after Vance took up with the Chinese "Pirate Queen," Jing Lang, a Templar, attempted to steal the treasure on which they had staked their retirement, before finally attempting fratricide.

Depressed, Upton turned to alcohol, which may have been a factor in his retaliation. He ultimately had both Jing Lang and his brother dispatched by one of his Assassins.

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