Date of Birth: 1433
Profession: Killer, Weapons Dealer, Master of the Crows

Between 1488 and 1494, Sirus Favero killed several important nobles throughout the Tuscany; gaining a dreadful reputation among the noble houses of the region. After learning about Sirus' actions, Cesare Borgia showed a particular interest; as the man's cruelty intrigued him. Cesare had him captured but was soon released on the condition that he would act as his personal assistant; advising the Borgia family from the shadows.

Being an exceptional fighter, Sirus recruited and trained countless Borgia soldiers in the art of combat. He even made his son Matteo join Cesare's army but Sirus kept this information a secret. Later Matteo got promoted and joined the Cambrai Campaign as a Captain.

Soon after Cesare got in the possession of the Corvix Blades, he instructed Sirus to find the most promising young recruits; for they are to receive a special kind of training. This project of Cesare's eventually lead to the birth of the Crows and Sirus becoming the Master of the Crows or as the common people call him: Il Corvo.

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