Silvio Barbarigo il Rosso
Date of Birth: 1435.
Profession: Member of the Supreme Tribunal of Venice, State Inquisitor, Noble.

Silvio Barbarigo. Raised by wealthy mercants, Silvio was introduced to politics when his father was cut out of the family inheritance. From then on, Silvio worked for his uncle, his father's killer. Apparently, he had a knack for persuasion. Quickly, he became his uncle's advisor, proving his worth by discovering a Soranzo plot against the Barbarigos.

You're going to love this: before the plot could be carried out, Silvio throws an Easter celebration, inviting the Soranzos. There's a pageant for the children in the central courtyard, while Silvio escorts the parents to roof. He toasts the family, then signals the archers hidden behind the courtyard windows. The Soranzos never plotted against the Barbarigos again.

Fast-forward ten years and Silvio's living in his uncle's luxurious Venetian palazzo. According to the history books, his uncle died in bed.


Assassin's Creed II Database Entry - Silvio Barbarigo Il Rosso01:05

Assassin's Creed II Database Entry - Silvio Barbarigo Il Rosso

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