ACCC DB Scrolls

Wang Yangming, the philosopher, told the young woman to see the empty box as a message from a more experienced man, even if he knew the item to be a powerful and ancient artifact. The box was merely a tool she needed to fill herself. Only this way would she fulfil her destiny.

The box was always empty and Ezio knew that Shao Jun would have to face her responsibility and accept that only she could decide which path to follow.

That path was the one Ezio had taken himself, and could not encourage Shao Jun to follow. Nevertheless, he had seen the rage in the young woman's eyes, the anger behind the tears. To recreate the brotherhood, she would take the path of blood. The Tigers would perish by her hand, and on their very corpses, a new China would flourish, free from the schemes of the Templar Order. She accepted Wang Yangming's instructions and to use Ezio's box as bait to lure the Tigers out of hiding. Maybe they would know what the box really was.