ACCC DB Scrolls

Shao Jun returned to China in 1526, and using a network of old abandoned Brotherhood safe houses, sought out Wang Yangming.

She finally found him and told him about her travels, the death of her Mentor, and Ezio Auditore. The Chinese master was impressed by the accomplishments of the former Concubine. He had not seen her since he helped her escape the Forbidden City, and the young dancer had become a skilled killer, not only trained by Zhu Jiuyuan, but now also by the Italian legend.

Shao Jun created an invention of her own, fitting to her cat-like agility: the Shéng Biāo, or Rope Dart, which she could use to reach high places in the glimpse of an eye, or propel to a target with deadly momentum and accuracy, killing from afar.

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