ACCC DB Scrolls

During the "Great Rites Controversy", the Tigers murdered many of their opponents, not only Assassins. The purge led by Zhang Yong was executed by his minions, the Tigers known as "the Snake", "the Butcher" and "the Demon".

Wang Yangming had to disappear, and Shao Jun was trained by another Mentor, Zhu Jiuyuan. Under his supervision, and during the secret war in Beijing she reached the full rank of Assassin and took the leap of faith.

With maturity, Shao Jun adapted her techniques to her physical strengths and weaknesses. Unhappy with the wrist blade of the Assassins, she designed a lighter more versatile one, better suited to the martial arts. Hidden under her left boot, the blade allowed her to perform deadly kicks in the midst of a close combat. Her sword skills were perfected in the dark alleys of the city, fighting off Templar agents.