ACS DB Rupert Ferris

Date of birth: 15 August 1830.

Born to aging parents whose attempt to revitalise their marriage with another child ended in divorce shortly thereafter, Rupert Ferris made no significant impact on the history books in any way for nearly a half century. But then, neither have you, so shut up. Ferris only surfaces as the newly-minted owner of a middling iron factory called the Bow Rail Works, which he promptly redubbed Ferris Ironworks. Police records indicate that several employees of said factory died of exhaustion. Although it may have been consumption, both because the handwriting is tough to make out and because mostly everyone died of consumption... or dysentery... consumption was more fashionable. Regardless, employees died due to maltreatment.

As the decade continued, the average age of Ferris' employees got younger, a reliable remedy for both exhaustion and consumption.

Starrick purchased the Ironworks in 1862, enfolding it into his vast empire, and Ferris became a wealthy man. "And what did he do with his tuppence?" you might ask. Ferris is on the books both of a wealthy charitable society in nearby Croydon and the local brothel, apparently his other favourite cause. Which one he merely paid lip service to... we can guess, but may never know for certain.

By the way, lip service was actually available.

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