DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Niccolo di Pitigliano 4/4
Date: January 1510
Location: Lonigo, Italy


I have no choice. Whatever power this thing holds, I must try to unleash it! I wrap myself in the Shroud.

I begin to vomit! A little at first, but then it flows red as I violently expel my insides. Too much! A thousand voices shouting at once! My head cannot take any more!

My body folds upon itself! My muscles pull tighter than should be possible and I feel my bones snap!

I feel the Shroud's power! It is tearing me apart! I cannot control it!

I am no longer in control of my own body! It reconfigures as the voices demand!

I have stopped breathing. One of my eyes has gone blind, the other is slowly losing focus. I see the Assassin approach. "Disgusting," he says, as he pulls the Shroud from my dying grip. How? How did he know?


(Well. That was disgusting. I want to see it happen to someone else. Any volunteers? -A. Gramática)

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