DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Niccolo di Pitigliano 3/4
Date: January 1510
Location: Lonigo, Italy


My manor is burning! I must flee this place! I can only hope the crowd outside has dispersed.

I stumble over two of my guards. Their throats are slit.

This stairwell is impassible; burning debris has fallen from the floor above! I am not sure I have the strength left to find another route.

My fingers tremble! I nearly drop the artifact, so I tuck it under my arm.

The hallway is completely dark. I proceed with a hand scraping along one wall and hope for the best.

I test a window, but it has been sealed from the outside!

I gasp for air as I drop onto the grass outside. Where will I go? If I can even escape Lonigo, I will not survive a trip to another town, unless...

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