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DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Niccolo di Pitigliano 2/4
Date: January 1510
Location: Lonigo, Italy


I touch the artifact and my world is enveloped in brilliant light. Did I die? Can this be - no, I must wake up from this!

I extend my arms and watch them stretch into the void. Eyes within eyes! an infinite sea of perception! Stop staring! Please, stop staring!

My tongue catches a playful wind and unrolls like a spindle of red ribbon. It sails skyward and I grin.

I reach into the white and it stains my hands. I watch it travel through my veins.

I try to close my eyes, but I have none.

I shake my head and the room returns to normal. I can move again! The pain is extreme, but I am rejuvenated. I grab the artifact.

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