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DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Giovanni Borgia 7/7
Data: 1503
Location: Rome, Italy


"WAKE UP, CHILD." I am awake! Look, my eyes are open. I must find a blade. I must stab Caesar twenty-three times.

I find a dagger in the room where Caesar and I practice with wooden swords. It hangs high on a wall, but I climb up a chair. He does not let me use the real blades yet, but it feels right in my hand.

Today. The Ides of March. Caesar will be in the Theatre of Pompey. I sneak down the hallway. Cleopatra is asleep in her room.


The other senators are not here! We had a plan! They must be afraid. I will go alone!

Caesar is snoring. I am small, but I can kill him in his sleep if I am quiet. I lift the dagger and look at his face. Papà?

Micheletto grabs my arms and pulls me from the room! I try to cry out but he covers my mouth! I did not mean it! Please, just let me go! "PAIN IS TEMPORARY."


(The DDS recorded Giovanni's dreams! Fascinating! Remind me to talk to Melanie about dream simulations as a potential entertainment product. -A. Gramática)

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