DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Giovanni Borgia 6/7
Data: 1503
Location: Rome, Italy


We drop to our knees, our breaths catching in our throats as we try to grasp the spectacle before us. Giovanni is dreaming. Brutus is awake. This same cavern has haunted our dreams. We have spent countless nights exploring it in our sleep. We were compelled to find it.

It is here that we will hold council. Here we will plot the downfall of our enemy, our friend, our Papà, our dictator perpetuo. Forty of us, each a senator. One child, a dreamer. Each a Liberatore. Each an Assassin.

The first council has ended. our problem is clear, our response undetermined. Caesar moves away from the Senate, placing his trust in foreign rulers, adopting the ego and pomp of his Egyptian whore. Cesare moves away from his family, leaving Giovanni at the mercy of his mad dog.

Caesar refuses to rise when he addresses us and scoffs at our concerns. He has created his own private senate, filled with deceivers, manipulators, people who have no business in Roman affairs. Papà works with monsters and killers who do not care about Roma's people.

My brothers are eager for blood, but I am not certain I can spill it. Roma will not be free until Papà is dead.

We have found traces of whatever pulled us towards this place. Whispers. Lights flickering through cracks in the earth. A doorway that is also a puzzle. We must find the solution.

"YOU HAVE LOST FOCUS." No, I have found purpose. "YOU ONLY SEE THE PAST." No, I see the future.

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