DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Giovanni Borgia 2/7
Data: 1503
Location: Rome, Italy


My Brothers have placed a child into my care. His family has long served us, but he is still a pup. I am to teach him the ways of our Order as I was taught at his age.

He is a scrawny child, bone-thin and tall for his age. He will have some difficulty at first, but his body will adapt to the training.

Francesco is eager as well as thorough. He repeats his questions. He asks me to repeat my demonstrations as he studies. He will not move on with a lesson unless he is satisfied with his results. At times I grow frustrated because he is a perfectionist.

Francesco is quick to anger. He charges me without purpose, sword flailing. I lightly tap him on the side to show how my blade easily passed his uncontrolled attack. I encourage him to calm himself. In battle, emotion is a weakness.

I riposte and knock Francesco's sword from his grip. He takes it poorly, slumping his shoulders and insulting himself. I pick it up for him and tell him to try again, explaining how to keep a better grip on a weapon.

It is important to let a child be a child. I leave Francesco with a group of children his age in a nearby village. They put together a small parade and Francesco takes the lead. I cheer for him in his toy armour!

I believe Francesco will make an exceptional addition to our Order. The boy is strong, despite his physical limitations. Speaking with him is like speaking to an adult at times. He is wise beyond his years.

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