DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Perotto Calderon 4/4
Date: 1498
Location: Agnadello


My enemies will come in greater numbers if my Brothers do not reach me first. I give my life for my son's, gambling everything upon a legend. Where I am empty in faith, I am filled with desperate hope.

So... beautiful! It is a plain thing, carefully folded inside a simple wooden box, but it is also so much more! It speaks inside my head. I feel that it wants to heal my wounds. No! I am here for my son! I wrap his tiny body in the Shroud

"FLAWED MATERIAL," it tells me. I tell it he is not flawed, but it insists. I order it to heal him!

I feel as though my head will burst! It takes all my concentration to keep from blacking out.

My son screams! I have to force myself to leave him in the cloth. What chance does he have without it?

I cradle my baby, wrapped in the Shroud. It is humming an eerie song and the voice in my head matches the tune!

"YOUR PAIN IS TEMPORARY, IGNORE IT," it demands! Does it not understand that he is a mere infant?

I remove my son from the Shroud. He is no longer crying. He looks up at me with glossy eyes and I wonder if he has truly been healed. Has this been worth the pain I have caused? I return the Shroud to its box and leave.

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