DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Perotto Calderon 3/4
Date: 1498
Location: Agnadello


My Brothers have travelled from Agnadello to greet me, swords drawn! They know why I am here. They will not allow me to use the Shroud! None shall stand in my way!

Vincenzo, it seems only yesterday we trained together. I try to wound him, but he is not holding back! He exposes his side and I react! I will mourn him later.

Why do they face me one at a time? Together, they could easily take me!

One of our recruits sweeps low and I swing high! I have left him with a horrible scar, but he may survive.

I hear the soft click of a wrist blade and immediately thrust behind me. My sword connects with an Assassin moving in for the kill!

A thrown knife digs into my shoulder. I shudder as I pull it out and hurl it back into its owner's right eye!

I leave my Brothers either dead or disabled and continue. There is no returning to the Order. No returning to Roma. Only Agnadello.